Join Our Affiliate Program For Rent Reporting

How It Works

Have your client’s rent reported to TransUnion and Equifax for only $6.95 per month to report on-going rent monthly.

Client Signs Up For Rent Reporting

Client submits any necessary documents

Monthly Rent Gets reported to Transunion & Equifax

Client Pricing Options

The below fee schedule is what you can offer your client’s. Monthly subscription fee is paid by your client or lead.

On-Going Rent – $6.95 Per Month
Backdate Up To 12 Months – $49
Backdate Up To 24 Months – $65
Expedite Fee – $100

$25 Setup Fee – You will have a discount code to give your clients which will give them a discount off of enrollment.

*All documentation has to be received before the file can be expedited.

Join the Rent Boost movement and empower your clients in achieving their financial goals. With this innovative program, you can report your clients’ rent payments to Transunion and Equifax, helping them build credit and open doors to better opportunities.  Start making a difference today and become a trusted partner in your clients’ credit journey!

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