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Start a credit repair business free. Whether your business is already aligned for this clientele, or you are just looking to make some changes in your life and want to step up your personal business game. It’s an affordable startup business in regards to what it takes to get going.

The training is included in your FREE setup, with a Zoom meeting to get started showing you how to use the interface.

Need a little more help?

You can choose to have a skilled agency do your back end processing making it even easier to own and manage your own credit repair business, but which is outsourced by a highly skilled credit repair outsourcing company all managed under your white label.

 Training Included with all packages.

Start a credit repair business today!  Start profiting on your first client whether you use our credit repair outsourcing services, or you do the credit repair dispute work on your own.

Plan & Build

Let us help you plan your new business strategy, and build out custom marketing material for your company to use to start generating leads.

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We can help you plan your business strategy, marketing material, website, and initial steps to get started enrolling your clients.  We can help you with pricing structure, client service agreement and more.

Website Setup

We can help you setup an existing website or even can build one for scratch.  Integrated Starter Website included with our Platinum package

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Get your website synced to your portal.  If you do not have a website, we will build this out for you in our Plan, Build, and Start phase.

Setup Email Marketing

Setup and utilize an email marketing tools to start nurturing your audience.  We can help you build your campaigns out to start generating leads

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If you don’t already have an email marketing program we can help you get started, build content, and sync with your back end portal.  We love Mailchimp. 

Start Offering Credit Report Monitoring

Setup as an affiliate to start offering IdentityIQ and/or ID Theft Defender.  Easily import or synchronize the reports with your back-end portal.

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You can join as an affiliate of IdentityIQ or IDTheftDefender to start making residual commissions from credit report orders.

Start Learning

Jump right into our training videos, and articles.  Schedule one on one training sessions to handle specific questions that you have.

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View articles, videos, and get hands on training to help you get started with all key features of your new portal. Schedule a walkthrough to show you how to get going quickly and efficiently.

Start Accepting Credit Card Payments

Set your business up to start accepting credit card payments.  Easily collect your monthly payments using merchant services. Apply Now!

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Apply for a merchant account with MagicPay.  MagicPay has very good rates, and is able to accept credit repair companies even though it is considered high risk.  The setup is quick and easy.

Start Boarding New Lead & Clients

Start onboarding new credit repair clients.  We can help you in knowing what to do, where to go find clients, and how to approach a new client.

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Whether you are outsourcing your back end processing or doing the work yourself, onboard a new client with ease.  If you are using our credit reports then you can synchronize the lead or clients credit report data

Measure Your Success

Generate progress reports to view the status of your credit repair work.  Measure your company growth, and start building your business further

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Analytical data coming soon!  Subscribe below for free to get emails on future updates, changes and much more.

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