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Credit Repair Business Software Features to help scale your credit repair business

Manage Customers

Easily manage Customer details all on one easy to read dashboard. Easily access all of your customers credit monitoring platforms and details giving you the ability to work quickly and move on to the next customer. 


Manage Customer Accounts

After you have integrated the customers credit reports you can then view the accounts and start creating letters. Easily change the status of the accounts when rounds end with quick click options. Quickly add new accounts without leaving the dashboard. Allows you to see all the customers accounts in one place. 

Manage Leads
Manage Referral Offices/Agents
Manage Company and Affiliate Offices
Manage Dispute Letters

Easily create credit repair letters with our easy to use dispute letter generator. Self populating letters allow you to easily create disputes with little effort. Customize the content of your credit repair letters on the fly. Choose from our list of credit repair letter templates and hundreds of prewritten dispute letters, or make your own if you prefer.  

Company Dashboard

Find everything you need right here on your company dashboard. Easily view all your company stats. Our easy to use interface allows you to customize your dashboard with your companies logo and colors.  


Credit Report Integration

With our credit report integration feature you can quickly access you clients credit reports from multiple platforms. Integrating your client’s credit reports brings all of their credit reports right into your portal allowing you to easily choose which account to dispute or not.  With our affiliate programs you can even make a little extra whenever a customer signs up for your credit report monitoring platform. You can now subscribe your leads or clients for a white labeled credit report that gives you more flexibility on how you market your services.  This can also be hooked right into the auto onboarding option we provide for your existing website.

Account Dispute Center

Inside you client’s dashboard you can easily access the credit repair disputes. The Credit Repair Dispute Center will allow you to manage your client’s accounts they have enrolled in your credit repair program. Quickly being able to select multiple accounts at once and populate letters, and delete accounts that have been removed in services. Changes dispute outcome easily for accounts that have been deleted, updated, repaired.


Customized Email Templates

Setup custom email templates for each franchise/affiliate office in your portal.  Turn on and off certain emails, and add customized fields to each email template.  Generating sample content is easy.  From there you can see how to utilize the template to enhance towards your specific needs.



Website Integration Form Options

You can setup forms to integrate into your existing website.  Options that can be utilized is a login snippit for easy access, and integrated lead forms.


Onboarding Automation for Leads and Clients

Start onboarding new clients from lead to payment.  You have several entry points for taking leads.  We have integrations options for companies that have an existing website, or we offer a basic template with all onboarding features included.  Order credit reports directly from your site, book consultation calls, have self service client signup with esignature contract and payment integration. You must have an existing payment gateway for the payment module to work.  If you have an existing website our team can help you get it integrated into your portal.

Calendar Booking and Form Options

Calendar page is the perfect option for booking credit consultations.  No Jotform or Zapier account needed.  Signup is simple, time block options, custom service, paid or unpaid credit consultations, direct sync with your Office 365 Calendar or google calendar.  If you use GSuite we can even set it up in Google Meet to directly send your meeting link.

Credit Education Courses

Create custom credit education courses to offer on your website.  Free or paid options for the courses are possible.  This is a great way to attract users to your website!  All course signups drop leads directly into your portal and office of your choice.


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