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Credit Repair Business Software

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Credit Repair Business Software Features to help scale your credit repair business

Customer Management

Easily manage Customer details all on one easy to read dashboard. Easily access all of you customers credit monitoring platforms and details from inside the dashboard. Giving you the ability to work quickly and move onto the next customer. 

Credit Repair Business Software Features

Manage Customer Accounts

Easily manager your customer accounts in their dashboards using tabs. Never having to leave the page you are on and making it easier to stay focused and accurate. With our side by side accounts you will be able to easily see if the account you are viewing is on all Bureaus. You can easily enter the Creditor and their information if necessary as well as choose from the populated list of thousands of Creditors already stored in our system.  

Company Dashboard

Find everything you need right here on your company dashboard. Easily view all your company stats. Our easy to use interface allows you to customize your dashboard with your companies logo and colors.  

Credit Report Integration

With our credit report integration feature you can quickly access you clients credit reports from multiple platforms. Integrating your client’s credit reports brings all of their credit reports right into your portal allowing you to easily choose which account to dispute or not.  With our affiliate programs you can even make a little extra whenever a customer signs up for your credit report monitoring platform.

Dispute Letter Management

Easily create credit repair letters with our easy to use dispute letter generator. Self populating letters allow you to easily create disputes with little effort. Customize the content of your credit repair letters on the fly. Choose from our list of credit repair letter templates and hundreds of prewritten dispute letters, or make your own if you prefer.  

Client Account List

After you have Integrated the customers credit reports and discarded the accounts you choose not to dispute, you can then view the accounts in the customer accounts tab on the customers dashboard. Easily change the status of the accounts when rounds end with quick click options. Quickly add new accounts without leaving the dashboard. Allows you to see all the customers accounts in one place. 

Account Dispute Center

Inside you client’s dashboard you can easily access the credit repair disputes. The Credit Repair Dispute Center will allow you to manage your client’s accounts they have enrolled in your credit repair program. Quickly being able to select multiple accounts at once and populate letters, and delete accounts that have been removed in services. Changes dispute outcome easily for accounts that have been deleted, updated, repaired. 

Manage Franchise/Affiliate Offices

Manage Referral Offices/Agents
Manage Leads








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