Credit Report Affiliate Program

credit report affiliate program

Grow Your Credit Repair Business

Enhance your credit repair business with our integrated credit report options that seamlessly sync with your portal. Earn monthly affiliate commissions while offering your clients a comprehensive range of reports. Tailor your packages and conveniently order reports with ease. Take advantage of our Co-Brand options that allow you to customize your offerings. Let us help you drive your credit repair business to new heights!
Sell credit report monitoring

Start marketing Identity IQ reports.  Setup trial offers for your clients, with a monthly recurring subscription.  Import credit reports with a single click, or by uploading html

Coming Soon!

We have SmartCredit integration coming soon as an option for integrated reports, or html import of SmartCredit reports.

Sell Credit Report Monitoring

Here are some of the key benefits you will get by offering credit reports

Easy Synchronization

Easily synchronize credit reports for your clients on a monthly basis.  Leads automatically generated from credit report signups

Recurring Revenue

Make an income from client credit report memberships monthly

Access To Updates

Access new credit reports every 30 days from your credit repair business software portal

One Click Login

Easy one click access to credit report subscriptions from within your backend credit repair software portal.

Credit Report Importer

Start offering credit reports and subscriptions to your clients, and profit monthly.  Easily synchronize these credit reports automatically within your back end credit repair software system.  Design a package that works for you.

Start Your Journey

Let’s Propel Your Business Forward Together!

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