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Logo & Branding


Email Templates & Letters


Automated Websites


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Logo & Branding

Our easy to use interface allows you to customize your portal with your companies logo for each company office in your portal. Easily customize emails to brand your company.

Email Templates & Letters

Setup custom email templates for each company or affiliate office in your portal. Self populating letters allow you to easily create disputes with little effort. Customize the content of your credit repair letters on the fly. Turn on and off certain emails, and add customized fields to each email template.

Automated Websites
  • Sell credit reports on your site and pass a lead to your back end portal
  • Offer a self signup on your site with your packages.  This integrates into your back end portal.
  • Contract and ESign Features
  • Book consultation calls and sync with your calendar.  This integrates with your back end portal for passing leads over
Effective & Quick

Inside your portal you can easily access your companies information, offices, agents,, leads, and clients.  Import credit reports,  create disputes letters and more. Fast and easy to use.  

Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?

Offering a white label credit repair business software solution. Full integrated websites, and a Full REST API for more customization options. Want to offer credit reports on your site? No problem!  Let us show you how The Credit Tracker can set you up for success!

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