Start a credit repair business with no out of pocket cost.  You can begin profiting on your very first client.  You are able to do the back end work yourself using our credit repair management platform, or you can outsource your credit repair work to professionals that can handle the back end work of managing your credit repair client’s files.  Managing a credit repair company can be a very time consuming process if you are not structured correctly.  Whether you hire an internal team to handle the day to day workload, or outsource to credit repair outsourcing team there is still the matter of having to bring in new leads.  Additionally you as the owner will want to ensure all of your other business things are being handled.  Frankly, it is a very easy business to manage with the right solution.  Learn more about credit repair outsourcing here

Why Start a Credit Repair Business?


You can help your clients accomplish their goals by helping educate them on how credit really works.  Our team is here to educate you on how to accomplish this by giving you all of the pertinent information that you need to know in order to make a credit score jump.  Credit is not a widely discussed topic in our society however it seems to always come up at some point.  Generally when someone needs to make a large purchase and has to use credit to obtain it.  The most important goal I have ever seen one want to accomplish is the goal of home ownership.  Getting credit ready for a home loan is not a difficult task as long as you know the rules involved to make the home purchase possible.  Credit is not the only factor involved when purchasing a home.  It is absolutely needed, but there are other things that lenders will look at in addition to credit. 

Working in this industry gives you the opportunity to be able to educate, and improve ones credit with some simple back end strategies and credit coaching.  In my experience the credit coaching is half of the battle.  Many conversations will start around obtaining revolving credit (credit cards) and how to utilize them to impact scores the most.  These are all resources that you can help your new clients with.

If you really want to help people improve their credit it will take more than just back end disputes and working with the negative credit.  It revolves around credit coaching.  Many credit repair companies simply focus on disputes and back end processing when the real value in credit improvement, especially score increase, involves credit education and coaching which in turn produces positive results while working on the back end process.  You want to consider how much positive credit your client has when you are doing your initial consultation to determine the right strategy to take when starting this credit enhancement journey with your client. 

It is pretty simple.  If there is little to no positive credit reporting you want to start by finding a secured or unsecured credit card that you know they will be approved for, and start helping them obtain 1-2 accounts revolving in just their name.  In addition you can use tools such as CreditStrong, or Self Lending and other various accounts like that to help add other type loan history to the reports.  Experian Boost is a FREE tool that a client can use to add utility history, subscription payment history, phone bill etc. to their Experian profile resulting in instant boost averaging 12-25 points.  Some clients it does not help at all, but it allows you to remove any listing it adds to the credit report at anytime.  



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