Create Credit Analysis For Client

You are now able to download a credit analysis for your client!!! You will need to use an html IdentityIQ report, or an Integrated report through our Trusted Credit Reports platform. To get started you will want to pull up the client you are creating the credit analysis for. Once you client details load, on the Client Info tab you can either scroll down or minimize each section until you see the Client Actions section. From there you will see a green Download Credit Analysis button.

Once you click the Download Credit Analysis button you will notice a “Choose File” section if the client is not using our integrated reports. If using our integrated reports you will not need to choose and upload an html report. In this example we are using an IdentityIQ html report that we downloaded form the clients identityiq login

When you click Choose File you will get a popup where you can search your computer for the downloaded html report from identityIQ.

Once you choose the file you will get a confirmation popup that will ask if the client matches up to the client the report is for. This is just a precaution so that you do not accidentally create the wrong analysis. Once you confirm, the credit analysis will generate and be downloaded where you can view. It also stores a copy of that analysis in the Documents tab for the client.

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