credit repair business software

Using credit repair business software can help streamline your credit repair business or referral network.  If you are in the credit repair industry then you know how time consuming managing your clients can be without the help of an efficient solution.  Learn more about how using credit repair business software can help your business.


Credit Repair Business Software Benefits:


With credit repair software, you business can focus on growth due to the ability to aut0omate and ease a lot of your business processes.  Processing is one of the main tasks a credit repair company needs to succeed.  With our credit repair business software solution, it can help you not only in the credit repair processing, but also in the management of your clients with easy to read statistics, notes, emails, and more.  View some of the key points about features that can save your credit repair business time.  Daily tasks are done with ease when you utilize an efficient management solution.


  • Provide Cloud Access to Clients and Referral Agents
  • Automate Emails for notes and progress reports
  • Import credit reports to save time and prevent errors
  • Credit dispute letters on the fly
  • Automatic reminders of dispute progress time
  • Create progress reports on the fly
  • Easily track disputed and deleted/repaired items
  • Upload files securly for your clients
  • Integrate login and lead forms into your existing website
  • Track leads and progress
  • Integrate mailing services such as MailChimp



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