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Credit Repair Business Software

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Features to Save Time and Scale Business

If you are looking for a streamlined solution that is easy to use then look no further. This streamlined solution offers the ability to manage  a credit repair company using our robust credit repair business software platform.  This platform is for credit repair companies large and small.  Start your FREE trial today! 


We’ve Got You Covered

White Label

Promote your brand, logo and portal.  100% private label credit repair software

Client Management

Manage all credit repair clients efficiently in a one location

Dispute Progress

Manage credit repair dispute progress reports, stats, and management of account data

Report Synchronization

Synchronize 3 bureau credit reports monthly

Dispute Letter Manager

Manage credit repair dispute letter templates, and credit dispute process for clients

Referral Agent /Affiliate Management

Manage referral partners and affiliates providing portal access to your credit repair management portal

Cloud Portal

24/7 Cloud hosting.  99.9% uptime guarantee.

Automated Email

Email triggers, auto responses, welcome emails, notes and more

Outsource Your Backend Work

Get a free trial of our credit repair business software. Let our experienced team of professionals show you how outsourcing your credit repair services can help you take your business to the next level

Manage Your Clients Efficiently

No more scrambling to find client info.  Quickly access credit repair, and credit report client data in an easy to read format.  More detailed stats available instantly upon demand.  Filter by Credit Agent, Referral Partner, current round, days left in round of disputes, and status.

Synchronize Credit Reports

You can easily synchronize credit reports monthly for your clients.  You also are able to import html reports for you clients if you prefer.

Online access 24/7

Provide access to clients, referral partners, and affiliates 24/7 through your online credit repair business software portal.  No additional user fees!


Our easy to use credit repair software interface gives you the tools you need to effectively manage your credit repair business. View a list of our credit repair business software features

If you are a mid to large credit repair company that is in need of IT services, check out what we have to offer.

Success Stories

“We are so impressed with how user friendly the software is – our processing team and clients love it! The feature that’s most impressive is the Progress Report that goes out monthly to the client and the referral partner.”


“By having the software, the client & referral portal, and the monthly Progress Reports, it has helped us be more productive and grow our business by 10 times! We are also quite happy with the ACE Processing Service. We can focus on enrolling new customers and leave the processing to the experts. “


Wow! We have tried other software in our 15 yrs in business and I can honestly say this is the best one by far! I highly recommend EVERY Credit Repair Company to give this a try – you won’t


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